Home News Glad Shakib is focusing on domestic cricket instead of playing for franchise: Jalal Younus

Glad Shakib is focusing on domestic cricket instead of playing for franchise: Jalal Younus

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Shakib Al Hasan is away from cricket for now. There are injuries, there is preoccupation with national elections. However, he is also seen in the election campaign. He is in the US to spend time with his family. He said there that he has decided not to play in foreign franchises for the time being to give more time to the country’s cricket.

BCB Cricket Operations Chairman Jalal Yunus said Shakib’s decision is good news for cricket in the country.

At a reception in the United States yesterday, Shakib said, ‘I have not named in the IPL (Indian Premier League). Naturally it will open a window for me. When my manager gave the name in PSL (Pakistan Super League), I asked him to remove the name. My name is not even in PSL. The plan will be to give full time to the national team. The (foreign) franchise tournaments that I used to play in earlier, now I may sacrifice them.’

Jalal Younus’ opinion was sought today in view of Shakib’s comments. In response, he said, ‘Of course. I have also seen his statement in the media. Of course it is a pleasure that now he will focus more on domestic cricket than outside franchise cricket. This is a big relief news for us. We want Shakib to play for our country as many formats as we have here.’

Meanwhile, before the World Cup, Shakib said that he will not captain ODIs once the tournament is over. However, Jalal Younus believes that Shakib will not take such a decision, ‘There is no question of reconsideration here. Shakib is still our captain. Now we have given Shanto, told him only two series, we have given him the captaincy for the New Zealand series.’

Shanto captained the Test against New Zealand at the end of the World Cup. Although his captaincy has garnered praise, the board is thinking of only Shakib, Cricket Operations Chairman said, ‘You know Shakib has been given the captaincy for a long time. He is still the captain in all formats in the longest captaincy. Shakib actually we assume Shakib is the captain. The question of whether or not he will be the captain in the future formats does not arise. We know he is still the captain.’


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