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Glaciers are melting fast in Pakistan, the risk of floods is increasing

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As a result of global warming, the world’s glaciers are melting rapidly. Environmental scientists fear a terrible disaster. As glaciers are high in Pakistan, efforts are being made to reduce the damage there. Special cameras have been installed in a village in the country to collect data on glaciers.

Pakistan has the largest number of glaciers in the world outside the polar regions. Due to climate change the average temperature is gradually increasing. As a result, glaciers are melting rapidly in Pakistan like other places in the world. This increases the risk of severe flooding.

A group of local residents in the Hunza Valley of northern Pakistan are working to prevent future disasters. There are cameras installed to measure the movement of the glacier ice. It shows hourly images.

Tariq Jamil, a local resident of Hassanabad, Pakistan, said, ‘The lakes formed by melting glaciers in the last 5 years have created many problems in the village. At that time outsiders were assigned the task of measuring the glacier, but they did not know much about this village. But now the villagers will get some relief due to the installation of cameras; You will get various information about the glacier on your mobile phone.’

The village of Hasanabad has been helped to overcome the flood damage caused by the glacial lake. However, the residents of the village called for increasing the amount of the fund. Pakistan is the only country to receive financial assistance from the Green Climate Fund under the Paris Agreement.

Mohammad Yasin, an environmental expert in Pakistan, said, ‘The lakes will grow every year as the glaciers melt. In addition, floods will occur in summer due to the melting of ice on the lake. The low income population of the village will be affected more. But we are still doing research to avoid this damage.’

The International Center for Integrated Mountain Development has warned that up to 75 percent of the Himalayan glaciers will melt by the end of this century. And the organization claims that global warming will be its main reason.


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