Home News Germany has started dropping aid over Gaza, the maritime corridor is already functioning

Germany has started dropping aid over Gaza, the maritime corridor is already functioning

Germany has started dropping aid over Gaza, the maritime corridor is already functioning

The crew of the first ship with humanitarian supplies to sail through the new sea corridor from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip has finished unloading. AFP reported this morning. According to the charity organization World Central Kitchen (WCK), which organized the trip, it is 200 tons of food.

A second ship with 500 tons of supplies, mainly sugar, flour, pasta and milk, is expected to set sail today. In the meantime, the German Air Force has started dropping supplies from planes today, the DPA agency reported.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius gave the go-ahead for the humanitarian operation of the German Air Force already on Wednesday. The Bundeswehr provided two C-130 Hercules transport aircraft for this purpose. Each of them can transport up to 18 tons of cargo, the Bundeswehr says on its website, along with other technical details of the operation.

Jordan, France, the USA and Egypt are already seeking help from planes over Gaza.


Gaza does not have a functioning port where heavy ships could dock, so the crew of the first ship to sail through the humanitarian corridor used a makeshift jetty and smaller boats to bring supplies ashore. According to José Andrés, Spanish chef and founder of WCK, it was the equivalent of 12 truckloads of supplies.

“It was a test where we found out that we are capable of importing a thousand tons a week. We will improve with more experience,” Andrés said on the X network.

Cyprus is about 370 kilometers from Gaza to the sea. In addition to Cyprus, the European Union, the United States and the United Arab Emirates participated in the initiative, which financed the first shipment for the most part.

Al Jazeera reported today that Japan is also planning to join the project. The station refers to the statement of Foreign Minister Jóko Kamikawa in the Japanese media.


Negotiations on a humanitarian maritime corridor from Cyprus began in November, Israel approved the possibility in principle in December, but only now has the plan begun to be implemented. The US government has contributed to this, increasing pressure on the Israeli leadership due to the worsening humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, where, according to local authorities, at least 20 children have already died due to malnutrition.

The cause of the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip is the ongoing war between Israel and the Palestinian movement Hamas, which is considered a terrorist organization by the European Union and the United States.

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