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Gazipur’s industrial factories face losses due to frequent strikes and blockades

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Due to continuous blockade, hartal and miscreants setting fire to vehicles, there has been panic in the transport of industrial goods. Those concerned, including vehicle workers, say that they are facing various problems during the blockade. The industrial owners claim that they are facing financial loss due to continuous strikes.

Covered vans, goods trucks of garment factories set on fire by miscreants during strike blockade. After the start of BNP’s hartal-blockade program, about half a hundred cars were set on fire in Gazipur. Most of them are covered vans, trucks, lorries of garment factories.

The roads and highways of Gazipur, an industrial district, have become unsafe due to one fire after another. There is concern among the industrialists about the transportation of goods. Vehicle drivers and workers are in trouble due to the fear of fire.

One of the residents suffering due to the blockade said that no car is available to go to the office on the day of the strike. If the vehicle fare is always Tk 20 till the office, the fare has to be multiplied by Tk 100.

Drivers say, ‘We are always in fear. Sometimes they set the car on fire.’

The factory owners say that due to the ongoing unstable situation, the order has decreased, the transportation of goods is being disrupted. And if the goods cannot be transported at the right time, there is financial loss.

Sohail Rana, director of Sadma Group, said that timely shipment is not possible due to strike-blockade.

BGMEA Standing Committee Chairman Salauddin Chowdhury said that if a vehicle transporting a large shipment catches fire, the company supplying the goods will collapse completely. Foreigners also have a negative impression of the country.

Gazipur Shilpanchal-2 Superintendent of Police Sarwar Alam said that efforts to stop vandalism are ongoing. Apart from this, the police will provide security if a factory wants to help in the transportation of goods.

There are about five thousand small and big industries in Gazipur.


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