Home News Gayehlud is done, Moushumi Hamid’s wedding tomorrow

Gayehlud is done, Moushumi Hamid’s wedding tomorrow

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Small screen popular actress Moushumi Hamid is going to get married for the first time in 2024 in the entertainment arena. Yesterday (January 10) there was a fire at his house. Tomorrow (January 12) wedding. Abu Sayyid Rana is well-known in Patra media. He is involved in the construction of cameras.

Meanwhile, Moushumi told Independent Digital last week that she might get married soon. And that is this month.

It is known that groom Abu Syed Rana and Moushumi Hamid were in love for quite some time.

However, both have obtained family consent to take love up to marriage. It became gayhlud as a result of that.
Neither Moushumi Hamid nor Rana opened their mouths about marriage. On Wednesday night, a picture of them wearing yellow went viral on social media. According to the sources of that film, Moushumi’s close friends and actors were spoken to. They confirmed the marriage.

Days are counting for the release of two Moushumi Hamid starrer movies. The two movies are ‘Naya Manhoo’ directed by Sohail Rana Bayati and ‘Japit Jeevan’ directed by Habibul Islam Habib.


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