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Gas supply started in Chittagong after 24 hours

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The people of Chittagong had to suffer all day long on Friday as the gas supply was stopped due to a fault in the floating LNG terminal. From home cooking, car gas to industrial establishments, there was deadlock. Gas supply started after 24 hours around 10 pm. However, it may take time for the situation to normalize till Saturday morning.

Gas shortage was going on in most of the houses in Chittagong for the past one month. Suffering increased as gas supply was suddenly cut off completely. As the gas was off, many people flocked to the restaurant for food. Some also cook with electric stove and wood burning.

Hundreds of CNG autorickshaws were waiting for gas in front of the filling stations throughout the day. They suffer endlessly without getting gas.

Due to the same reason hundreds of small and big industries in Chittagong also closed down. According to Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company Limited, one of the two floating terminals in Maheshkhali is undergoing renovation since last October. Gas supply was stopped in the entire Chittagong when a fault occurred at a terminal on Thursday night.

KGDCL GM (Operation) Gautam Kundu said, ‘Due to a malfunction in the floating LNG terminal, gas supply was completely stopped in Chittagong from Friday morning. The entire Chittagong suffered terribly.’

After 24 hours of suffering, the gas supply started around 10 pm on Friday, but the situation may be normal on Saturday morning. Bangladesh Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources Corporation-Petro Bangla informed this on Friday night.

Gas supply started from Accelerate terminal after 10 pm on Friday. At present gas is being supplied at 15 mmcfd through low pressure pipe-lines. However, if the pressure increases in the pipeline, it will gradually start supplying 100 mmcfd gas.

If 100 mmcfd is permanent then supply next 100 mmcfd. Petrobangla is hopeful of delivering 300 MMcfd on Saturday morning. After next 12 hours the situation will be completely normal.

Since 2018, Chittagong is completely dependent on imported LNG gas. According to the Karnaphuli Gas Authority, the district requires an average of 325 million cubic feet of gas per day.


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