Home Sports Galán and Lebron start their separate paths on the right foot in Venezuela

Galán and Lebron start their separate paths on the right foot in Venezuela

Galán and Lebron start their separate paths on the right foot in Venezuela

It was something that was going to happen sooner or later, and Puerto Cabello (Venezuela) has witnessed the first separate matches of Alejandro Galán and Juan Lebron. The numbers 1 for three courses started in the first category tournament P2 the 2024 and Prime Minister has fallen their new projects. With an asterisk, yes, well he Lobo He will only play with Momo González this test before meeting Paquito Navarro again.

The man from Madrid, for his part, has started his engines in his new career alongside Federico Chingotto, with whom he defeated in two sets Javi Valdés and Rafa Méndez (6-3 and 6-0) in the last afternoon shift in Venezuelan lands. “The goal is number 1″Galan declared to Twenty Ten hours before debuting with Olavarría. Both of them have already given their first kicks on the 20×10, showing what they are capable of and tomorrow they will fight to pass some quarterfinals in which they would meet Paquito and Sanyo if everything follows a certain logic.

Lebronfor his part, carried out his game alongside Momo González, with which he signed up for the tournament almost on the rebound after Galán’s decision and the rush to close registrations. The Andalusians defeated the always tough ones Marc Quílez and Toni Bueno with a tight 7-5 y 6-4 in almost an hour and a half. During the crash they went from less to more and ended up taking the ticket to eighthswhere they await you Fran Guerrero and Arnau Ayats.

Of go to the quarterfinals, and if the ranking rules and there are no surprises, it will be Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto their opponents, while the numbers 1, Agustín Tapia and Arturo Coello, they would be the semifinals. In any casea Lebron-Galán crossover with each one on one side of the blue mat would only occur in Sunday’s grand final.

After the Venezuelan test, Premier Padel will stop for almost a month, until the week of April 22 to 28, when another is disputed P2 in Brussels. Over there You can now see all the new couples formed after Galán’s decision to end the stage with Lebron.

In fact, In Belgium we will see Juan Lebron again with Paquito Navarrohis chosen partner for the assault on number 1 as they already did in 2019. It will also be time to see the returns of Álex Ruiz and Momo González and Sanyo Gutiérrez and Maxi Sánchez.

For its part, Fernando Belasteguínwho already said goodbye to Lucho Capra in Acapulco last week, vwill try his luck again drivenext to a born puncher like Juan Tellowith which you have already formalized your registration for the tournament.

He rankingYet the waiting for the points they can get in Puerto Cabelloit would look like this for the Belgian test:

  1. A. Coello/A. Wall
  2. J. Lebrón/P. Navarro
  3. F. Stupaczuk/M. The Nenno
  4. A. Galan/F. Chingotto
  5. F. Belasteguín/J. tello
  6. J. Garrido/M. Yanguas
  7. A. Ruiz/M. Gonzalez
  8. S. Gutiérrez/M. Sanchez
  9. J. Nieto/J. Sanz
  10. L. Bergamini/V. Ruiz