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Fuel will be made from cigarette filters

by Afonso
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Scientists are constantly working to invent sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly energy to reduce human dependence on non-renewable sources. Hence, the search for efficient, renewable and environmentally friendly energy is going on all over the world. One such clean source of fuel is biodiesel. Biodiesel or biofuel is environmentally friendly.

Biodiesel is made from organic materials such as edible and non-edible oils, animal fats and restaurant waste. But the price of biodiesel is much higher. Scientists say that the solution to this problem is cigarettes. Basically the cigarette bud or filter, that is, the part that is thrown away after smoking.

Cigarette filters have long been considered an environmental pollutant. Now that cigarette filter is said to be one of the sources of biodiesel. This is the result of research by a group of researchers in Lithuania. They have been able to make environmentally friendly fuel from cigarette filters. The study was conducted last November. The research results are published in the Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis.

Sami Youssef, lead author of the study, said: ‘In research we are working on recycling and waste management. So we always look for waste material. Cigarettes are made of three ingredients. A filter made of tobacco, paper and cellulose acetate fibers. Many organizations collect cigarette butts. We collect this waste material from them and carry out research.’

Youssef also said that they thermally decomposed the cigarette butts at 650, 700 and 750 degrees Celsius in the pyrolysis process. After several experiments, they realized that at 750 degrees Celsius, a compound of 43 percent triacetin is produced. This compound can be used as an additive to biodiesel to reduce costs.

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