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Free game viewing, three tier leagues… What does the Super League offer?

by Afonso
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There is still a long way to go for European Super League recognition, but today, this rebel league in European football has passed a big step. The European Union’s highest court, the Court of Justice (ECJ), has declared illegal the bans, fines, and threats that UEFA and FIFA have placed on the way of organizing the league, which wants to become an alternative to the Champions League, due to the efforts of the two presidents of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

After this verdict, A22, the organization working on organizing the Super League, has presented its new model proposal for the Super League. This much can be said, most of the major criticisms of the Super League proposal in April 2021 are covered by the new proposal. However, some questions still remain.

First let’s know the proposal of A22…

open league

One of the biggest criticisms of the Super League is that the tournament has been made ‘open to all’. In April 2021, the Super League’s first proposal stated that the 12 clubs involved in its establishment would never be relegated from the Super League. The guest club will be organized together with those 12 clubs, the guest club will be selected on the basis of league performance. But this time it has been informed in the proposal that it will be an open tournament.

Three layers

There will be a total of 64 teams in the Boys’ Super League. Teams will be divided into three tiers. Much like the different levels of domestic leagues – in England the highest level is the Premier League, then the Championship, League One, League Two…. Here also three layers are being done. The highest level is named – Star, the next level is Gold, and the lowest level is Blue!

How many teams at which level?

Star and Gold will have 16 teams each, with two groups of 8 teams each. And there will be 32 teams in the Blue League, four groups of 8 teams.


The 2021 proposal did not include a promotion-relegation system, which made the Super League controversial. This time A22 put it in the proposal. Two teams from each tier will be promoted to the next tier, two will be relegated. The teams relegated from the lowest level, i.e. the Blue League, will play in their own league, and the two best performing clubs in the domestic leagues will join the Blue League.

How many matches in the season?

Each team will play 14 matches in the group stage at each level. 7 Home, 7 Away. After that, the teams will go to the knockout stage based on their performance in the group stage. The knockout stage will begin with the quarter finals. The top four teams from each group in the Star and Gold Leagues will advance to the quarterfinals. In the Blue League, the top two teams from four groups will advance to the quarter-finals. The quarter finals and semi finals will be two legs – home and away. The final is one leg.

Free viewing opportunity

A major headache in European football is the cost and availability of fans watching matches. Super League has brought a great trick to solve this. The Super League has announced the creation of a digital platform called ‘Unify’ to show every match and highlights of the tournament for ‘free’ to the fans.

First season team selection

In the first season, which club will play at which level, which 64 teams will get a chance, the Super League did not say anything specific. Just stated, the performance of the teams based on certain parameters will be determined by mathematical analysis, which clubs will get opportunities and which clubs will go to which level.


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