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France-UK is next to Bangladesh

by Afonso
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The United Kingdom and France are standing by Bangladesh to face the challenge of reforming the financial sector and transitioning from a less developed country to a developing country. The ambassadors of the two countries said these things after a meeting with Finance Minister Abul Hasan Mahmud Ali at the Secretariat on Thursday afternoon.

The British High Commissioner and the French Ambassador sat with the Finance Minister for the first time after the formation of the Cabinet on January 7. In the meeting, the two countries expressed their determination to stand by Dhaka to face the economic challenges.

Later, the British High Commissioner said that discussions were held on how the UK and Bangladesh can work together in the economic field. And the French ambassador said that labor market reform, employment and investment should be supported by agriculture.

France’s ambassador to Dhaka, Marie Masdupui, said, ‘France will support Bangladesh in reforming the economy and financial sector. I will cooperate in reforming the labor market, increasing employment and investment, and developing the agricultural sector.

British High Commissioner Sarah Cook said, ‘We had a very good discussion. We are by their side in the LDC graduation of Bangladesh. The UK’s support will continue to build a sustainable Bangladesh.

Finance Minister said that both the countries are ready to provide assistance. Nothing specific can be said about the sector question, it is under discussion.

Apart from this, the minister also said that the main goal of the government is to deal with the economic challenges with the global situation and that the government is moving forward by discussing with all the countries.


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