Home News France is tightening security measures after the attack in Russia

France is tightening security measures after the attack in Russia

France is tightening security measures after the attack in Russia

Obecause the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS), which claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack near Moscow, recently tried to commit several similar actions in France as well. According to AFP, French President Emmanuel Macron made the announcement during a visit to French Guiana. France has stepped up its security measures to the highest level after Friday’s events in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, where at least 137 people died.

The United States said on Friday it had intelligence confirming that the Islamic State-Khorasan, the Afghan branch of the terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the attack. It emerged in eastern Afghanistan in late 2014 and quickly gained a reputation as an extremely brutal group, Reuters reported.

Russian authorities detained 11 people in connection with the attack, including four direct suspects in the attacks, who were charged with terrorism by a court on Sunday and sentenced to at least two months in prison. Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously hinted at their connection with Ukraine, Kiev has strongly denied any involvement. According to the court, four attackers are from Tajikistan.

“We proposed increased cooperation to the Russian services and our partners in the region,” the French president also said. He told Russia that it would be “cynical and counterproductive” to try to pin the blame on Ukraine for itself and for the safety of its citizens. “This attack was claimed by the Islamic State and the information available to us, our services and our main partners really indicates that it was an IS entity that launched this attack,” Macron said.

France’s Vigipirate counter-terrorism program has three levels, with the highest level being activated in the event of an attack in France or abroad, or if the threat of an attack is considered imminent. This triggers extraordinary security measures, such as increased patrols by the armed forces in public places such as railway stations, airports and places of worship.

As part of the similar Sentinelle program, 3,000 soldiers are on standby in France. French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced that due to the new threat, he will have an additional 4,000 soldiers on standby, ready to provide security as part of the Vigipirate project. “The threat of Islamist terrorism is real and strong,” Attal said, adding that France had foiled two attempted attacks this year.

Following the strengthening of security measures in France, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends maintaining the utmost caution and informing the local police in suspicious cases. This was announced today in a report on the Drozd travel system.