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Four illegal brick kilns closed in Sherpur, fined 24 lakhs

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Mymensingh Divisional Environment Directorate has announced the closure of four brick kilns in Sherpur for illegally operating brick kilns and burning forest wood. Also these brick kilns were fined Tk 24 lakh in cash.

Today, Thursday, this campaign will run from 11 am to 3 pm. Abdullah Al Mansoor, Deputy Director of Mymensingh Divisional Office of Department of Environment led the operation.

In this crime, Messrs. Sauda Bricks, RH Auto Bricks and Manufacturers-1, RH Auto Bricks and Manufacturers-2 and Messrs. AKB Bricks were fined a total of 24 lakh rupees.

It is known that the businessmen are operating these unregistered brick kilns illegally in populated areas including agricultural land, educational institutions, hospitals in different areas of the district. Also, forest wood is being burnt without following the rules of the Department of Environment. At this time, the important part of the bhat was broken with the veku.

Abdullah Al Mansoor, Executive Magistrate and Deputy Director of Department of Environment, Mymensingh Divisional Office, said, ‘The operation is being carried out in illegal brick kilns as part of regular operations. We have today fined and ordered the closure of four institutions. Such operations will continue in the future.’


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