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Former judge Sohel Rana’s sentence is cancelled

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The Appellate Division canceled the one-month sentence given by the High Court to former judge Sohel Rana in the contempt of court case. Apart from this, he has also been acquitted of contempt of court charges. The observation and direction of the court in this regard will be published in the full judgment.

The full appellate bench of 6 members headed by Chief Justice Obaidul Hasan gave this verdict on Tuesday.

Earlier on October 12, the High Court sentenced former judge of Comilla CGM Sohel Rana to one month imprisonment for contempt of court. Later on the same day, the High Court granted him bail on the condition of appeal. On appeal, the Chamber Court stayed the judgment of the High Court and referred the application to the Full Bench of the Appellate Division for hearing.

Complaints against Sohail Rana in the CJM Court of Comilla when the judge ignored the stay order by the High Court and ordered the framing of a case. Apart from this, he ignored the order of the High Court in the same case and gave several orders.

Later, the court expressed its indignation as the argument was presented in the letter with an unconditional apology in this regard. He was sentenced to one month imprisonment and fined 5 thousand rupees without granting pardon.


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