Home News For the first time they use Apple Vision Pro in a spinal operation

For the first time they use Apple Vision Pro in a spinal operation

For the first time they use Apple Vision Pro in a spinal operation

They have become famous through social networks, for their price, for their accessories and for being a technological option to decorate reality. But the reality is that they could be used for much more. This has been demonstrated by a medical team of surgeons from the United Kingdom who successfully used Apple Vision Pro to assist in spine surgery.

The “spatial computing” device was used to perform two microspinal procedures at London’s Cromwell Hospital. Of course, it was not the surgeons themselves who wore the augmented reality glasses: an assistant surgical scrub nurse, who, according to a press releaseused software built into the Vision Pro called eXeX to access elements as “surgical setup and procedure guides from the sterile field of the operating room”, in addition to any necessary data or surgical visualizations.

In short: together with the eXeX software, the glasses offered professionals in the operating room Hands-free access to documents and other information related to the procedure and your workflow.

“It is a real privilege to be the first team on the continent to use this software in surgery – said Syed Aftab, one of the surgeons who participated in the procedure –, and I am looking forward to seeing how this technology works and its impact on medicine”.

This is not the first time virtual reality tools have been used in medical settings. For years, the doctors have resorted to this technology as a tool to study and train for medical procedures, simulating surgeries and other treatments. In some cases, the Virtual reality has even been used to give patients a sense of their bodies.s and your treatment options.

Apple even promoted healthcare apps for the Vision Pro in a statement in which Vice President of Developer Relations Susan Prescott said she was “delighted to see the incredible applications that developers from across the healthcare community are bringing to Apple Vision Pro. The imagination and drive of our developers, combined With the technical capabilities of visionOS, they are generating new possibilities for doctorsfrontline workers and even students.”

Without a doubt, this is an interesting advance that allows combine the best of both worlds, the real one and that of augmented reality. It also allows other people to have a first-person view of the procedures being carried out. For its part, the hospital where the microspinal surgeries in question were successfully performed seems satisfied with the results. Of course, for the professional who had to wear the glasses for several hours, it probably wasn’t so positive.