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Food that astronauts eat in space

by Afonso
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Astronauts doing research in space live under many adversities. They cannot eat many normal foods in space. The question in the minds of many, what do astronauts eat in space?

Foods that are forbidden in space
Food such as bread, cookies or biscuits and toast are prohibited in space. Because its pieces start floating in space. Besides, these foods can get stuck in astronauts’ throats while chewing and swallowing. Any soft drinks and alcohol are also prohibited in space. Foodstuffs like sugar and salt cannot be taken into space. As there is no gravity, these foods start floating around. As a result, astronauts’ eyes, nose and mouth can also get stuck. So they have to eat food without sugar and salt.

Foods that can be eaten in space
The menu on the International Space Station consists of over a hundred food items ranging from vegetables, fruits, and sweets. Each mission has a different food list. There is a possibility of spoilage of food in space for a long time. Therefore, in order not to waste food in any way, astronauts have to choose light, tasty, nutritious food.

Keeping your body hydrated in space is very important. But where will water come from in space? Astronauts carry some water with them from Earth. And the rest comes from recycled water.


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