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Best Charming Flying Restaurant in Cox’s Bazar

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Best Charming Flying Restaurant in Cox’s Bazar

‘Fly Dining’, a Flying Restaurant in Cox’s Bazar has started its journey at Sugandha Point on Cox’s Bazar beach. On Tuesday (November 30) evening, Kabir Rahman, the leader of the Cox’s Bazar meeting at the Sugandha Point on the beach. Anyone can take meals lined up here on the flight table.

The decision has to be made to ensure complete safety, with the help of state-of-the-art machine cranes, 180 feet above the surface of the beach. In the realm of plague clouds, local entertainment will have a thrilling feel. Cox’s Bazar tourism conducts such an exception to the general practice.

Flying Restaurant in Cox's Bazar

New education has started in the sand dunes of the beach. The country’s first digital system, Fly Vining, was created by the international company Your Travels Limited. Customers will enjoy extra pleasure while eating here.

Best Charming Flying Restaurant in Cox’s Bazar

According to the organizers, the performance of 20 people in the ‘Fly Dining’ will captivate the spectators as they walk around 180 feet above the ground from the ground to the beach sky. Beaches and surroundings can also be parked from the independent sky. Plan per person Christ minimum 4000 thousand rupees including 8000 thousand rupees (food)

Flying Restaurant in Cox's Bazar

Package perimeter including one hour of ascent, flight and location, and password time. Bandhan Tini Khan, a resident of the country, maintains comfort with his family. The ‘Fly Dining’ restaurant and kitchen have been chosen to provide ample seating on the plate offered by Hotel Sea Princess at Sugandha Point.

The restaurant is a crane that comes empty-handed on the west border. A special deck with a capacity of 20 chairs, tables, and an umbrella-like roof has been kept open all around. Attempts have been made to install its crushes, especially on aluminum and steel, in the middle and around the deck. You can give him the facility to serve him on the flying floor while eating the food of your choice in the kitchen in peace on the ground.

The forces including Jasim Bikalp, Tushar Tuhin, and Abdul Aziz, who were sitting on the bus in the sky, said that this is a different idea. Patan’s chair is made of a seatbelt fitted like an airplane.

Later, at the beginning of the journey in the sky, to work on the foundation, after that, everything rose with joy. From above, the waves of the whole beach and the hills, ashes, and buildings of Cox’s Bazar give a mesmerizing view. It will be considered as a new addition to the tourist hotel.

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