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Flower sellers are busy around Victory Day

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Flower sellers are busy around Victory Day. Blood red roses, yellow marigolds, rosin gandhas, chrysanthemums are entering the capital by trucks. The florist’s warehouse is filling up. Artisans are also busy making garlands. Shoppers are flocking to buy flower bouquets.

Red green color on white sholar round frame. The artist is carving Kamini leaves with skillful hands. Red roses will sit in rows. Yellow marigolds will spread the glow on the side. There will be rosary, chrysanthemum, gladiolus and many other flowers. This effort is to pay tribute to the brave martyrs.

The victory celebration will begin at dawn. Millions of independent and dreamy Bengalis will flock to Savar National Memorial. Flowers, garlands, garlands will adorn each other’s hands. And that preparation is going on in the flower shop. Last minute busyness is going on taking orders and making frames.

One truck after another is entering the capital with flowers. And the busyness of work is increasing. Flowers are coming from various places including Savar, Manikganj, Gadkhali, Jhenaidah, Chuadanga.

The sellers said that the demand for native flowers like roses, marigolds and rosin gandhas is high as always. Different varieties of beautiful flowers including orchids will also be sold on Victory Day. Leaders-workers or ministers who take flowers, they take big i.e. 36 size garlands.

The victory celebration will begin at dawn.  Photo: The IndependentBut many sellers say that there is no production of flowers as per the demand. A few days ago, due to the rain, many flowers were destroyed.


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