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Five levels of security in Faridpur, the main fight is boat-eagle

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Vote late at night. In 4 seats of Faridpur, the main fight will be boat vs eagle. A total of 21 candidates including Awami League, Jatiya Party, BNM, Trinamool BNP, Bangladesh Supreme Party, Bangladesh Khilafat Andolan, Bangladesh Tariqat Federation, Bangladesh Congress and Independent are contesting in Faridpur 1, 2, 3 and 4 seats. There are 654 permanent and temporary centers in the district and a total of 16 lakh 51 thousand 693 voters.

Non-stop polling will continue in all the constituencies from 8 am to 4 pm on Sunday (January 7). Election equipment was handed over to the presiding officers of respective centers from 9 upazila offices including Faridpur Sadar upazila office from Saturday afternoon. As the final preparation of the Election Commission, the ballot paper will go to the centers to take the votes of the voters.

The Election Commission has completed all the preparations for the polling in 4 seats of Faridpur on the occasion of the 12th National Assembly elections. On this occasion, district election commission is providing electoral equipment including transparent ballot box, seal, seal pad to various centers.

District Returning Officer and District Commissioner. Kamrul Ahsan Talukder said that all preparations have already been made to make the election fair and peaceful. Police, Ansar members will be present at each polling station for security. BGB, army personnel will be on patrol to keep the polling environment smooth. Mobile Courts headed by Strike Force and Executive Magistrates will work in the field on Election Day.

16 platoons of BGB, 2 battalions of army personnel, 4 learned judges, 10 judicial magistrates, 34 executive magistrates will be on duty in the 4 constituencies of the district.

There are 3 thousand 641 polling booths in 6 municipalities, 81 unions and 654 centers in the seats.

A total of 5 candidates from various parties including Awami League, Jatiya Party, BNM, Independent are contesting in Faridpur-1 Madhukhali, Boalmari, Alfadanga upazilas. The total number of voters in the seat is 4 lakh 77 thousand 981 people. Out of which 2 lakh 42 thousand, 984 male voters and 2 lakh 34 thousand 996 female voters and 1 transgender person. There are total 196 centres. Awami League presidium member Abdur Rahman, independent candidate Arifur Rahman Dolan and BNM candidate Shah Md. are competing in a three-way battle. Abu Jafar.

A total of 3 candidates of Awami League, Independent and Bangladesh Khilafat Movement are contesting in Faridpur-2 Saltha and Nagarkanda upazilas. Whereas in the main contest, the candidate of boat is Shahdab Akbar Chowdhury Labu and the general secretary of Nagarkanda Upazila Awami League independent candidate Jamal Hossain Miah. The total number of voters in the seat is 3 lakh 7 thousand 567 people. Out of which 1 lakh 59 thousand 788 male voters and 1 lakh 47 thousand 779 female voters. There are total 115 centers.

A total of 6 candidates from different parties including Awami League, Jatiya Party, Independent are contesting in Faridpur-3 seat. The total number of voters in the seat is 4 lakh 4 thousand 300 people. Out of which 2 lakh 2 thousand 767 male voters and 2 lakh 1 thousand 530 female voters and 3 transgenders. There are total 154 centers. District Awami League president Shamim Haque is in the main contest with the boat symbol, while independent candidate AK Azad is contesting with the eagle symbol.

A total of 7 candidates including Awami League, Jatiya Party, Trinamool BNP and independents are contesting in the seat which consists of three upazilas of Faridpur-4 Bhanga, Sadarpur, Charbhadrasan. Where as the central Awami League presidium member Kazi Zafrullah with the boat symbol, two-time independent parliamentarian Mojibur Rahman Chowdhury Nixon with the eagle symbol is waiting for victory in the polling field. The total number of voters in the constituency is 4 lakh 61 thousand 845 people. Out of which male voters are 2 lakh 37 thousand, 56 and female 2 lakh 24 thousand 785 and transgender 4 people. There are total 189 centers.


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