Fishing Report Chesapeake Bay

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Fishing Report Chesapeake Bay

The hot spot in the Lower Bay is the Outer Wall where sheepshead and tog are caught on sand fleas. The Ice Breakers are also a good choice for the same fish.

Fishing on the weekdays is always excellent with plenty of Striped Bass every trip, as well as Perch and Bluefish added as an added bonus. Weekends are littered with clueless,inconsiderate boat-owners making success infinitely more difficult. This is the perfect moment to start planning the most out of your Chesapeake Bay fishing trip on the calendar! 

Fishing Report Chesapeake Bay

We’re still fishing from the Magothy River location, but we’ll be moving back to the south, to Deale, MD within a month.
Dogs and families are always welcomed during the Last Hurrah!

Last Hurrah for August

The summer season is nearly over, as Last Hurrah Charter Fishing has the best, most open hours on weekdays. We’re still operating from our marina in the north along the Magothy River. We have been taking limits of Rockfish on every trip along with catfish and eating-size white perch as an added extra.

We are planning to move the boat north to the Deale marina to begin targeting bluefish and mackerel in the near future.

Take a trip out and enjoy some summertime fishing on the gorgeous Chesapeake Bay.

Dog Days of Summer

The Maryland Striped Bass Season is back and will stay in effect until the 10th of December. A few Bluefish are appearing too and Spanish Mackerel are in the pipeline. Bottom fishing to catch White Perch and Catfish has also yielded good results.

The best time to fish is during the week because weekend crowds are a nightmare. We have tours in the morning and in the afternoon. We’re still operating from our Pasadena marina, which is located in the picturesque Magothy River. We can accommodate six customers at a time however, less than that is acceptable.

The summer is nearly over, but Last Hurrah Charters is still offering the opportunity to book some dates in between August and Sept. Our spokespup of the year, “Shelby”, wants to remind everyone that dogs are welcomed on the Hurrah and we will be there for you! We keep a bowl of water and treats on hand. Shelby isn’t often on charter trips , so do not be worried about your dog’s behavior if it doesn’t get along well with other dogs.

Let’s get caught!

August Fishing Dates

The Maryland Striped Bass Season re-opens on August 1, and runs through December 10th. There’s plenty of Perch Spot, Perch, and Catfish in the area. Bluefish are making their way to the north. Spanish Mackerel also have made an appearances in the Bay but they’re not nearly enough close to us at this time.

Last Hurrah Charter Fishing has a few prime-time August dates available. We operate from 5:30 to 11:30 a.m. and from 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. seven days per week. Mon.-Thurs. is the most reliable option as the weekend crowds are huge and more rude and rude than normal.
We can accommodate a maximum of six customers. Dogs and families are welcome and encouraged to visit. Contact us today to receive your trip booked before summer’s over!

Trophy Striped Bass Fishing at its Finest

May is the peak time to go out for Trophy Striped Bass fishing. If you’ve ever wanted to smash the 50lb limit or have to catch that one-of-a-kind fish This is the best moment to go fishing in on the Chesapeake Bay. Each year, in this month,, we hunt for these massive breed of stripers when they travel North or South through the main stem of the Chesapeake. Our area in Deale is right between this annual migration route. This is a short but sweet and is well-booked in advance. The month of May’s end is also the time to start the beginning of the Black Drum season. They can weigh as much as 80lbs and provide an impressive fight.

Summer Light Tackle Fishing & Cruising!

June marks the start of our fishing season in the summer. In the beginning of June we go to our summer location at Back Creek in Annapolis Md. In the past few years we’ve found that the most productive fishing in the bay is the Northern fishing grounds. Being located in Annapolis allows us to be a quick boat ride away from the most exciting action. On a typical trip, we can live line or chunk, troll, or jig for stripers in the resident area that are 36 to 38 inches.

Size limits have decreased and more relaxed bag limits are beginning. There’s a fantastic opportunity to capture large stripers using light tackle. Great for big corporate outings as well as family excursions. The summer fishing season is extremely engaging and enjoyable for youngsters. Outside of Striped Bass fishing, bottom fishing is also heating up. When Mid-June rolls around, we’ll start to see a lot of spot and white perch.

The first bluefish should also be appearing and perhaps even the occasional black drum straggler! Once you’re done, …..hop into the heart of downtown Annapolis and stop by some of the numerous bars and enjoy a cold drink or a cocktail, or dine at one of the many exquisite seafood restaurants on the waterfront.

Cobia, Red Drum, Spanish Mackerel and Bottom Fishing.

The end of August marks the beginning of the season and throughout the month of September , we transfer the boat from Solomons Island Maryland. Our primary goals include Cobia, Red Drum, Spanish Mackerel as well as various bottom fish. It is without doubt one of the most exciting fishing you can get throughout the year Fishing Report Chesapeake Bay, when we hunt the Cobia as well as the Red Drum that average between 30-60lbs.

We employ a variety of techniques , and the fish can be caught throughout the daytime and even into the late evening. This is the ideal season to plan an evening or night fishing excursion. Alongside the Cobia as well as the Red Drum, the Spanish Mackerel run is also at its highest. The speedy species are often caught trolling for jigging , and they make excellent food for the table for grilling or smoking. Finally, in a quick walk from the dock will discover a variety of fish that are bottom.

If you’re looking for a way to fill your cooler prior to Fall season, this is the best time to do it.


The name says everything, “Rocktober”. When the water temperatures start to fall the rockfish begin to gather into a mad feeding frenzy. This is the time of the year to watch all the “blitzes” of bait fish. We have a variety of different strategies at this time of the year, and they usually are equally effective. There are still bluefish. It’s also a good opportunity to catch some massive White Perch along the more secluded edges. If fishing with light tackle is your thing…this is the perfect month.

This is the time to start fall fishing!

In our logs, we have caught some of the largest fish caught during this time within Mid Bay. Mid Bay. The greatest thing about this time of year is the possibility to catch migratory fish as well as resident fish on the same day. The conditions change between seasons, however fishing is usually great. Jigging is an excellent method to catch fish of all kinds of sizes at this time. If we are trolling, we use a variety of small and large baits, and then pound large bait marks along the edges of channels and drop-offs within the main bay’s stem as well as in a few of nearby rivers.

One bite might be a fierce 20-inch fish , and the next one could be a 50-pounder… you do not are sure. Temperatures in the air fluctuate quite a bit throughout November. On one day it may be 75 degrees and the next day it’s 40 degrees. December is usually at the lower end of the temperature range. Do not be concerned about getting excessively cold…the cabin is warm and cozy!


Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports

There are a variety of on-line Chesapeake Bay fishing reports available for you to select from.

Click the links below to read news from the state agency, charter captains, fishing shops newspapers, and much more.

Fishing Reports List:

Maryland Chesapeake Bay as well as Tributaries Fishing report provided by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Reports on fishing in Maryland waters are updated on a weekly basis.

Maryland Angler’s Log. Fishing reports submitted by users with pictures on the Maryland DNR website.

Tidal Fish. Fishing reports cover Maryland and Virginia parts that are part of Chesapeake Bay.

PilotOnline. PilotOnline. Hampton Roads newspaper’s online edition features fishing forecasts, as well as report on fishing in the “Outdoors” segment.

The Angler’s Sport Center Review. Detailed reports from Anglers Sports Center in Annapolis.

Chris’ Bait and Tackle Fishing Reports. Updates on Cape Charles, Virginia on the southern Eastern Shore.

Captain Hogg’s Fishing Report. Weekly reports from an Chesapeake Bay charter operating out of Hampton, Va.

Chesapeake Bay Wall Map – Buy Now at!

Crabbe’s Fishing Reports. Reports from the Lower Chesapeake Bay fishing charter operating from Virginia’s Northern Neck.

Chesapeake Bay Light Tackle Fishing Reports. The latest reports are published every week or as often. Great blog posts that contain many fishing information.

Dr. Julie Ball Weekly Report. Chesapeake Bay and off-shore reports.

Green Top Fishing Report. Freshwater and saltwater report taken from Green Top Fishing and Hunting in Ashland, VA

Charlie Taylor’s Report. Comprehensive report on the Bay and its tributaries.

Recommended Fishing Report Chesapeake Bay

Fishing Report Chesapeake Bay
Fishing Report Chesapeake Bay

Rudow’s Guide to Fishing the Chesapeake

The most well-known guide to fishing in the Chesapeake Bay covers each region of the Bay It explains the types of fish you’ll likely find in the Bay and the best way to capture it. The book follows three different approaches to cover Chesapeake Bay fishing. It starts with regional guides covering fishing in the Upper, Middle and Lower Chesapeake Bay. It then covers the techniques and tackle. Then there are sections on 20 different types of sport fish. The book is packed with instructions, information, and observations throughout.

Field Guide to Fishes of the Chesapeake Bay

The new guide, which was released in the month of March, 2013 offers information on over 200 species of fish which live in the Chesapeake. It is a great guide to fishermen but an excellent resource to anyone who lives nearby and enjoys exploring the Bay. The book includes color images of every species.

Trolling for Striped Bass and Bluefish

This guide will help you maximize the enjoyment the Striped Bass season. This book will teach you everything you should be aware of when it comes to preparing your trolling boat choosing the best baits, lines and lures, as well as the most efficient trolling speeds and patterns.

The author, Pete Barrett, is an experienced charter boat operator whose fishing writings have been featured in a variety of national publications.

The Ultimate Guide to Striped Bass Fishing: Where to Find Them, How to Catch Them

How you can catch Striped Bass by surfcasting, trolling, bait fishing and fly-fishing. By following the advice offered by the author as well as an understanding of the rockfish’s life cycle, biology and behavior and habits, you’ll be prepared to take off and catch your limit. Author Eric B. Burnley Sr has more than four decades of expertise in stripe bass fishing. He’s an expert guide and writer.

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