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First artificial breeding of marine coral fish in the country

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For the first time in the country, a private hatchery in Cox’s Bazar has artificially bred marine coral or Vecti fish. This hatchery called Green House Mariculture has recently successfully artificially bred a coral. As a result, in the future marine corals can also be cultivated in ponds. Earlier, no hatchery at public or private level could do such breeding. At least 20 more mother corals are being cared for in the hatchery for artificial breeding.

Marine fishes release coral eggs into the sea. However, researchers have produced fry in the hatchery through artificial reproduction of sea corals in fresh water.

These plants can be cultivated in both fresh and salt water. On November 4, a mother coral released 1 million eggs. Out of this, 5 lakh chicks are currently being carefully maintained in hatcheries.

Cox’s Bazar Green House Mariculture Research Assistant Shafiqul Hasan said, ‘These corals brought from the sea have been made suitable for laying eggs by tending for more than a year.’

Cox’s Bazar Green House Mariculture Proprietor Tarikul Islam Chowdhury said, ‘Coral demand is high in the country. Along with this, keeping in mind the farmers of different areas, interest has been shown in the artificial reproduction of corals in the hatchery. Soon the produced chicks will be released in the market in commercial form.

The government has given financial support for this research on the production of coral fish fry. Cox’s Bazar District Fisheries Officer said that Directorate of Fisheries is providing all kinds of technical assistance in this work. Badruzzaman.

The research on artificial breeding of corals took 20 months to complete. More than two and a half crore rupees have been spent on it.


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