Home News Fire in polling stations in Rajshahi and Feni

Fire in polling stations in Rajshahi and Feni

Fire in polling stations in Rajshahi and Feni

Voting for the 12th National Assembly elections on January 7. Election campaign of candidates has been closed from 8 am today Friday. Meanwhile, two polling stations were set on fire at Bagha in Rajshahi and Sonagazi in Feni. Police say that no one was injured in these fires set by miscreants, but the center’s furniture was burnt.

A fire incident took place at Jheena Government Primary School Center of Arani Union of Bagha Upazila of Rajshahi on Thursday night.

The head teacher of the school, Murad Ali, said, ‘There is a fire at night. Miscreants set fire through the back window of the office. Petrol was seen lying on the spot. It is believed that some miscreant started the fire. But there will be no problem in polling at the centre.

Rajshahi Additional Superintendent of Police and Spokesman Rafiqul Alam said that law enforcement officers are working to investigate the incident of fire at the polling station. Legal action will be taken in this regard.

Meanwhile, miscreants set fire to a polling station in Sonagazi upazila of Feni with petrol. A building of Charsahavikari High School was set on fire today at around 7 am on Friday. The furniture of the teacher’s auditorium of the school was burnt in the fire along with important papers.

A fire broke out in a building of Charsahavikari High School.  Photo: Independent TelevisionIt can be seen on the ground that miscreants have poured petrol in the rooms of assistant teachers and office assistants and set them on fire. In the fire, two computers in the office room, two hundred percent of 7 cupboards were burnt, papers of 5 cupboards were burnt. Besides, 20 chairs, 2 tables, 2 doors and books were burnt. A bottle of petrol was found lying on the side of the window of the office room.

Sonagazi Circle Assistant Superintendent of Police Taslim Hussain confirmed the fire. He said that the building which is supposed to be the center was not set on fire, the adjacent building was set on fire. Law enforcement officials are working to investigate the fire incident.