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Fire case in Mohanganj Express train

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A case has been registered in connection with the burning of four people in Mohanganj Express train in Tejgaon of the capital.

Railway train director Khaled Musharraf filed this case as a plaintiff in Kamalapur railway police station on Tuesday night.

Earlier on Tuesday, four people died in the Mohanganj Express train fire incident at Tejgaon railway station in the capital. After receiving the report of the fire at 5:04 AM on Tuesday morning, the fire service reached Tejgaon railway station and started extinguishing the fire. After putting out the fire in a train compartment, four bodies were recovered from there. Three units of the fire service brought the fire under control after an effort of about one and a half hours.

Earlier on December 13, the Mohanganj Express train met with an accident after 20 feet of the railway line was cut in Gazipur. Seven carriages including the engine of the train were overturned and one person died. More than half a hundred passengers were injured in this incident.


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