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Fire at FR Tower

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After the Intelligence Branch (DB) police, the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has submitted a charge sheet accusing the eight people after further investigation in the case of fire in Banani’s FR Tower. However, as the crime against Liaquat Ali Khan Mukul was not proved, he was acquitted.

On Sunday, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Rashidul Alam’s court accepted the charge sheet given by PBI.

The accused in the charge sheet are SMHI Farooq, Tajvirul Islam, Salim Ullah, AA Moniruzzaman, Syed Aminur Rahman, Mrs. Warda Iqbal, Kazi Mahmudul Nabi and Rafiqul Islam who are in the management committee of FR Tower building.

Among the accused, Farooq is the original owner of the land. BNP leader Tajvirul Islam is the president of the management committee of the building. Six others are members of the building management committee. Among them, Maniruzzaman, Mahmudul Nabi, Salim Ullah, Rafiqul Islam and Warda Iqbal are absconding. The court has issued an arrest warrant against them. The court has fixed the date of filing the Tamil report regarding the arrest on March 12.

Liaquat Ali Khan, chairman of building construction company Rupayan Group, has been acquitted from the case. Sub-Inspector Shah Alam of General Registration Branch of Banani Police Station gave this information.

On March 28, 2019, 25 people died on the spot and one person died in the hospital after a massive fire broke out at Farooq Rupayan (FR) Tower on Road No. 17 next to Kamal Ataturk Avenue in Banani. 71 people were injured in that incident. Banani police outpost in-charge SI Milton Dutt filed the case as a plaintiff on March 30 in that incident.

About three years and nine months after the incident, on December 20, 2022, Police Inspector (Unarmed) Sameer Chandra Sutradhar of Gulshan Zonal Team of DB Police filed a charge sheet accusing eight people after investigating the case. However, as the crime against Liaquat Ali Khan Mukul was not proved, the investigating officer applied for his release.

The case was scheduled for December 27. On that day, the charge sheet was presented in the court of Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Arfatul Rakib. However, the court did not accept the charge sheet and directed the PBI to investigate the case further.

On that day, the court ordered, 26 people died in the fire and many people were seriously injured. The Investigating Officer has requested to absolve the key accused in the case. As it appeared to the court that due process of investigation was not completed in the case, it ordered further investigation of the case by a competent officer of PBI.

After this PBI started investigating the case. After investigating the case on January 22, Inspector (Unarmed) Rafiqul Islam of Dhaka Metro South of PBI submitted the charge sheet to the court.


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