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Finger phone!

by Afonso
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Small size mobile phones have been introduced by several companies. If too high, this phone will be the size of your finger. Despite its small size, it has all the great features. You can make and receive calls on this phone that looks like a toy phone. You will get the same features as any other phone.

The smallest phone
There are several brands, which have launched their smallest phones. Among them, the finger-sized phones are catching everyone’s attention. You can buy these phones with discounts on e-commerce platform Amazon. The price is also very cheap.

Kechawada K10
This mobile phone is considered to be the smallest phone ever. It has only 0.66 inch display. Along with that, you will get single SIM support. You will also get the option of Bluetooth connectivity feature and wireless FM. You can buy the phone with a 300 mAh battery on Amazon.com.

Apart from this, small size phones called Greenberry G370 and itel Circle 1 are available on Amazon. However, you will not get smartphone features in these mobile phones.


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