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Finding 85 planets that may have aliens!

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Astronomers have found 85 possible planets that could harbor aliens. They claim that the existence of life on these planets is not yet confirmed, but their possible temperature may be suitable for life. This information was revealed in a report of the British press Independent.

Known as exoplanets, those 85 planets are close in size to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. And they were detected by NASA’s Transitional Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TES). Scientists monitor the dimming of stars known as transits through the TESS satellite. Searching for an exoplanet in this way requires at least three visible transits, which are used to check how long the transits take to orbit their star.

Researchers have only looked at exoplanets that transit twice. Based on this, various exoplanets have been discovered. These potential planets are relatively temperature tolerant and have relatively long orbits.

The 85 discovered exoplanets orbit the parent star with orbital periods ranging from 20 to 700 days, while most of the exoplanets observed by TESS have orbital periods of 3 to 10 days.

Some of these planets are far enough from their parent stars that they are hot enough to support life, the researchers say. These planets are referred to as ‘Habitable Zone’.

However, it is not yet certain whether the structures found by the satellite are actually exoplanets. The researchers hope that future studies will also provide information about that. Rediscovering 60 of a possible 85 exoplanets. And the remaining 25 planets were identified earlier by different research teams.

The research was led by University of Warwick researcher Hawthorne in an international initiative. The research paper was published last Wednesday in the journal ‘Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRS)’. A new study reveals these facts.


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