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Final prayers of Vishwa Ijtema in the morning, ban on traffic

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The pilgrims passed the last day of Ijtema through Ibadat Bandegi. The administration has made all preparations for today’s last prayer. Traffic will be closed from Bhogra Bypass, Abdullahpur and Mir Bazar to Tongi from midnight to 4 pm, police said. Besides, all intercity trains will halt at Tongi station.

Meanwhile, the police said that all kinds of preparations have been made for the last prayer. The first step ends with the last prayer. Maulana Sadpanthi’s Ijtema ceremony will start next Friday.

Gazipur Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) Md. Alamgir Hossain said, ‘Special plans have been taken by the police to deal with the influx of pilgrims. As part of this, traffic will be stopped in Bhogra Bypass-Tongi, Abdullahpur-Tongi, Mir Bazar-Tongi areas from Saturday night to 4 pm the next day.

Meanwhile, the second day of Ijtema at Turag shore. After dawn, the ceremony started with the speech of Maulana Abdur Rahman of India. Maulana Abdul Mateen translated the Hindi narration into Bengali.

There are more than 10,000 microphones in the Ijtema Maidan and its surroundings for listening to the speech. Several khitas, including the khitas of foreign worshipers, also have high-tech noise-cancelling microphones. The worshipers in the main maidan or surrounding khitta are worshiping besides listening to the sermon. They want to spread the religious education from Turag Tir to others.

In addition to correcting faith, deeds, morals, millions of Muslims are on the shores of Turag for the purpose of hard work in the path of religion. After the final prayer on Sunday, some will run from Turag shore for 3 days, 7 days, 40 days, and some will run for 1 year to spread the call of Islam abroad. The Muslims of Tabligh Jamaat are also taking preparations for that purpose.


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