Home News Filming ends "Gila: Is it the enemy?"the beginnings of a humor genius

Filming ends "Gila: Is it the enemy?"the beginnings of a humor genius

Filming ends "Gila: Is it the enemy?"the beginnings of a humor genius

The cameras are turned off on the film set, ending the production of “Gila: Is it the enemy?”. This film, directed by Alexis Morante and with the participation of RTVE, immerses us in the origins of Miguel Gila, an iconic figure of Spanish humor and pioneer of stand-up in our language.

Actor and comedian Óscar Lasarte embarks on his first leading role, giving life to a young Gila in the middle of the Civil War. Through his gift for comedy, the protagonist survives misery, battles, and even an execution. The film is inspired by real events and Gila’s own monologues, reimagining the moments that years later would shape his famous jokes.

“Gila: Is it the enemy?” Not only does it portray Miguel’s transformation into the renowned comedian that we all know, but also weaves an optimistic fable about hope in dark times. The film explores themes such as war, confrontation between equals and the ability of humor to rise from the ashes.

The director, Alexis Morante, describes the film as an opportunity to “explore universal themes from a tragicomic and emotional perspective.” Furthermore, the construction of a fable that is based on the particular vision of the world that characterized Gila stands out.

The film’s ensemble cast is completed with names such as Carlos Cuevas, Natalia de Molina, Salva Reina, Iván Villanueva, Antonio Bachiller and David Elvira, along with Adelfa Calvo, Pedro Casablanc and Vicente Romero.

Filmed in different locations in Bizkaia, “Gila: Is it the enemy?” is a production of Pecado Films, Arcadia Motion Pictures and Philmo Capital AIE, in co-production with Nu Boyana Portugal. It has the participation of RTVE, Movistar Plus+, Canal Sur and 3Cat, financing from the ICAA and the participation of CreaSGR. Filmax will be in charge of distribution in Spain.