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FIFA sent a letter threatening to ban Brazil

by Afonso
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Earlier this month, FIFA and CONMEBOL also sent letters to the Brazilian federation. The letter from world football’s governing body FIFA as well as Latin football’s governing body CONMEBOL was intended to warn. FIFA and CONMEBOL have said they will take action if evidence of government interference in Brazil’s football federation is found.

At that time, two organizations started an investigation. After that, FIFA sent a letter to the Brazilian Federation (CBF) again today. There are some instructions in the letter. In addition to this, the letter directly states that if they do not comply with their instructions, FIFA may take a decision such as banning Brazil from international football.

What is the problem with the Brazilian federation? Basically, the administrative complications of the board have turned into the court, due to which the Brazilian court removed Ednaldo Rodríguez from the position of the head of the CBF on December 7. The court also ordered to cancel the election in 2022 in which Rodrigues became CBF president and hold a new election within 30 days.

But FIFA has instructed Brazil in a letter today that the CBF should wait for the time being rather than hastily hold elections under a court-appointed committee. Let’s not hold an election to remove Rodriguez now. But even after this directive, if the election is organized in the Brazilian Federation? In that case, FIFA warns, Brazil may be banned from international football, and Brazilian clubs will not have the opportunity to play in international tournaments.

FIFA has always been against government interference in its member nations’ federations. In the letter of FIFA sent to the CBF today, they said, in the case of the CBF, the decision of the court in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is undesirable in their eyes.

The letter is signed by FIFA Chief Association Officer Kenny-Jean-Marie as well as CONMEBOL Deputy Secretary General Montesserat Jiménez García. FIFA and Conmable said in a letter that a commission will be formed to work on this matter in Brazil on January 8.

From this it can be assumed that CONMEBOL is also in tune with FIFA. This has raised concerns about Brazil’s participation in the Copa America to be held in the United States in June next year.

And if Rodriguez is removed, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti will be in danger as Brazil’s coach. Rodrigues has done as much as Ancelotti on the way to coach!


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