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Fertilizers are mixed with adulterated ingredients in Barisal

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11 types of fertilizers are used in farming in Barisal region. These include TSP, DAP, Zinc, Boric Acid, Sulfur, Gypsum, Mixed and Magnesium Sulphate. Fertilizers contain adulterants. Which has a negative impact on crop production as well as damaging agricultural land. Although the farmers are worried, the agriculture department has not taken any action against these fertilizer manufacturing companies.

According to the Soil Resources Development Institute, 200 types of fertilizers have been found to be adulterated in the last three years. Last year also 333 samples were tested. Adulteration is also found in 60.

Kazi Aminul Islam, senior scientific officer of the institute, said, ‘We have the capacity to test 1,000 fertilizer samples a year. Last year we tested 333 samples, in the last 7 months we received only 30 samples. But at least 250 samples were supposed to arrive at this time. This has happened due to lack of budget.’

Farmers say that they have to buy fertilizer several times a week. If one shipment of fertilizer is adulterated, the yield, crop, soil and money are all lost. As fake fertilizers have come out, the government should start a drive against adulterated fertilizers as soon as possible.

Fertilizer sellers say that farmers will not buy fertilizer if they do not get good fertilizer. Earlier there was a campaign against adulterated fertilizers, but now it is not. The market is full of adulterated fertilizers. We all benefit if the government monitors the market.

Although farmers and traders are concerned about adulterated fertilizers, due to lack of allocation, adequate sample testing is not possible, said the Agriculture Department.

Additional Director of Barisal Agriculture Extension Department Shaukat Osman said, fertilizer testing is an ongoing process. Due to the delay in getting the specified amount of budget, the sample test has been postponed. In this opportunity, if any adulterated fertilizers have entered the market, it will be collected quickly and legal action will be taken. Effective action will be taken including canceling the registration of adulterated fertilizers.

3 lakh 68 thousand 204 metric tons of fertilizers are used in Barisal every year. 362 fertilizer dealers and 2,505 retailers are selling fertilizers.


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