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Fernando de los Santos, the right hand of number one

Fernando de los Santos, the right hand of number one

Fernando de los Santos is the second rider of the “El Duende” block in Aranjuez, although in reality it is much more. It’s a “producer” of young and fast horses and it is also the right hand of Eduardo Alvarez Aznar. Fernando was settled in Germany when he received the offer to work in Aranjuez, in the best block of Salto in Spain. He returned to Madrid six years ago and now forms a winning tandem with the leader of the national ranking.

Successes on the court have long work and dedication behind them. The result in the contest, a route of around 80 seconds, is the result of months of work. And Fernando, in addition to competing as a rider or driving the stable’s truck, is also the trainer of Eduardo’s horses when he is away from the stable. In order to carry out a demanding program of top-level competitions, it is essential that the horses rotate. Eduardo will compete shortly in Miami and Mexico and so that he can ride the horses that remain in Spain upon his return and that they are perfectly trained, there is Fernando.

Although it is essential to constantly sell and buy horses to maintain the business, there are some that are already part of the “family” and their sale is almost ruled out. “Isba Caps” It is one of them. She is a family mare of the Álvarez Aznar family, whose name corresponds to the initials of Eduardo’s first-born daughter, Carlota Álvarez Pérez de Seoane. With this mare, Fernando put a finishing touch to his participation in the thirtieth edition of the Andalucía Sunshine Tour, winning the Grand Prix of 1.35 meters. With her, he won three of the eight events he competed in.

Fernando had very good classifications with other horses, both young and experienced. One of his main mounts, “Geisha”after an outstanding performance on the Andalusia Sunshine Tour, was sold to the Englishwoman Nina Barbour.

Fernando’s objective continues to be to prepare good horses, to get the maximum sporting performance out of them and that way they can be mounts for Eduardo in the medium term or animals that can go on the market. For this he is in the right stable, has the necessary infrastructure and has the support of the best rider in Spain.