Home News Ferdous said, the campaign was attacked because of jealousy of popularity

Ferdous said, the campaign was attacked because of jealousy of popularity

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At the head of the central road of Hatirpool, Dhanmondi police station of the capital, an attack occurred during the distribution of leaflets in support of the Awami League nominated candidate for Dhaka-10 seat, Chitranayak Ferdous Hossain. He commented that the miscreants have committed this incident by being jealous of his popularity.

At least 15 people injured in the incident at Hatirpool in the capital on Saturday afternoon were treated in the emergency department of Dhaka Medical College (Dhamek) Hospital.

Regarding the attack, Ferdous said that during his campaign in the afternoon, some miscreants attacked the procession. He claimed that this attack was done to obstruct the fair elections. However, he said that he could not identify who attacked.

Ferdous also said that the miscreants carried out this attack because of his popularity. A complaint has been made to the Election Commission. He demanded quick arrest of the culprits in this incident.

Sohel, who was injured in the attack, said, ‘We were distributing leaflets to vote by boat on behalf of Ward No. 18 Awami League in support of Nayak Ferdous Hossain, the nominated candidate of Awami League for Dhaka-10 seat. At that time, a group of 40-50 people led by identified terrorist Imam Hussain Manzil of Central Road ambushed us. 12-15 of us were injured in this.’

DMK hospital police camp in charge confirmed the matter. Bachchu Mia said, ‘About 15 people were brought to our emergency department from the central road area of ​​Dhanmondi with serious injuries from the opponents during the election campaign. We have reported the matter to the concerned police station.’


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