Home News Fauzia Karim won America’s ‘International Women of Courage Award’

Fauzia Karim won America’s ‘International Women of Courage Award’

Fauzia Karim won America’s ‘International Women of Courage Award’

Bangladesh Supreme Court lawyer Fauzia Karim Feroze received the International Women of Courage Award of the US State Department. The award was presented by the US State Department in a ceremony at the White House on Monday.

In addition to Bangladesh, the award was given to 11 women from Afghanistan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Myanmar, Cuba, Ecuador, Gambia, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Nicaragua and Uganda by US First Lady Jill Biden and Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken.

Since 2007, the award has been presented by the US Department of Foreign Affairs to women who have shown extraordinary courage, strength and leadership in the cause of peace, justice, human rights, gender equality, justice, and the empowerment of women and girls.

Fauzia Karim was awarded this year for fighting for the rights of marginalized communities as a Supreme Court lawyer.

Anthony Blinken wrote in a post on the social media X platform after the official presentation of the award, ‘The women who received this year’s International Women of Courage Award are truly amazing. They stand for peace and human rights and expose corruption with infinite courage. I am proud to hand over the award to them.’

About Fauzia Karim Feroz, the US State Department says, she has been fighting for the rights of marginalized communities for more than three decades. He currently heads his own Law Chamber and serves as Chairperson of the Foundation for Law and Development (FLAD). Under his leadership FLAD won a verdict on protection and welfare policies of domestic workers.

Fauzia Feroz has personally filed nearly 3,000 cases on behalf of garment workers against their employers. She helped establish the Bangladesh Independent Garment Workers Union Federation (BIGUF) and the Domestic Workers Directive.

Fauzia Karim Feroze previously served as the President of Bangladesh Women Lawyers Association from 2007 to 2018. He is a founding trustee of the Acid Survivors Trust. In November 2023, the Bangladesh Supreme Court administration selected Fawzia Feroze to its five-member committee to review sexual harassment cases and make recommendations to the court.