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Father busy with Christmas shopping, 4 children died in house fire

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In the US state of Arizona, a father left his four children and another child at home and went to the market. At that time, the house caught fire and all the five children were burnt to death, state police said. The British media reported this information in the BBC report.

According to the report, this incident happened last Saturday (December 16) evening in a house in Bullhead City. However, the authorities disclosed the matter on Monday. The man’s four children are 13, 5, 4, and 2 years old. The other child is 11 years old.

However, the exact cause of the fire is not known. Police are investigating the cause. The BBC report did not name the children or their father.

The children’s father told investigators he went to the market to buy groceries and Christmas gifts and was out of the house for about two and a half hours, according to a statement released by Bullhead City police.

It is very likely that the fire first started at the entrance door of the house on the ground floor and from there the fire spread throughout the house. Since the fire started at the front door of the house, the children could not get out of the house from the bedroom on the second floor. The bodies of the five children were found in a bedroom of the house, police said.

Witnesses said the neighbors gathered hosepipes and ladders and tried to douse the fire.

However, police confirmed that there were no adults in the house at the time of the fire.


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