Home News Farmers significantly reduce prices, year-on-year prices have fallen by a fifth

Farmers significantly reduce prices, year-on-year prices have fallen by a fifth

Farmers significantly reduce prices, year-on-year prices have fallen by a fifth

DFor the past six months, the sharp decline in agricultural producer prices has continued. According to the data of the Czech Statistical Office, these have decreased by 19 percent and are roughly at the same level as they were two years ago, i.e. before the shock wave of health care due to the energy crisis and the fear of the outbreak of wolves in Ukraine.

According to statistics, the prices of vegetable products fell by 24 percent and avivo by 13 percent. Thee oilseeds have cheapened a hole against the losk nor, and the grain of the sheep not an auntie. Eggs were cheaper by 27 percent, milk by 18 percent, or ten percent more. On the contrary, the prices of fruits increased by 61 percent, vegetables by 27 percent and abrambor by 25 percent.

The development of prices, when the farmers sell their products, should be reflected over time in how much they sell to the merchants.

In the meantime, food products became cheaper by about eight percent, but the reversal of the trend occurred much later, not from the producer. This indicates that there is plenty of room for further price declines.

For example, especially discounted cereals, the value of flour, which costs an average of a quarter of a million on the shelves of an international store, has been lost. Upeiva, however, statistics only record price changes in units of percent. The general wage, plus other inputs (price of energy, manpower) is reflected in manufacturing costs, that is the intensity, which is reflected in the decline in producer prices of finished prices in shops, weak.

In addition to construction prices, he published statistics and information on the development of the construction industry.

In the industry, prices have fallen comparatively for two months in a row, before things did not rise for years. The price of sheep and goat products was down by 15 percent, the prices of basic metals and chemical products fell by a tenth, and the prices of food products fell by 5.9 percent. However, the cars and the repairs and maintenance of the machine started with electricity, gas, and air conditioning.

Meanwhile, the growth of domestic construction work prices slowed to two percent in January. Building materials and products were already two percent cheaper than a year ago.