Home News Farmers are busy planting boro in Netrakona, production target is 12 lakh tons

Farmers are busy planting boro in Netrakona, production target is 12 lakh tons

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In 10 upazilas of Netrakona, boro cultivation is going on with the target of producing more than 1.2 million metric tons of paddy. Although there is some hostile weather in winter, the farmers are working hard in the field to achieve the target of cultivation. Agriculture officials also say that the planting of rice seedlings in Boro plantation is going on as expected.

In Haor, plains and hilly areas, farmers can be seen working in the fields in the morning despite severe winter. Some are watering the land, while others are cultivating. Many are replanting the land.

According to the information of the Netrakona Agricultural Extension Department, the target of boro cultivation has been set on 1 lakh 85 thousand 260 hectares of hybrid, Ufshi and local varieties in the district. The target of paddy cultivation is 530 hectares more than last year. This year, 1 lakh 39 thousand 590 hectares of Ufshi variety, 45 thousand 598 hectares of hybrid variety and 172 hectares of local variety are being cultivated. In the meantime, the entire target area of ​​40,970,000 hectares has been planted in the Howar area. 40 varieties of rice including SL-8H, Jagran, Sonar Bangla, Bri-88, 89, 92, 96, Bina-25 are being cultivated. Moreover, zinc-rich Bri-84, 74, Bina-20 varieties of rice are also being cultivated on 12 thousand hectares of land.

Farmer Nazrul Islam of Dulli village of Kendua upazila said, ‘I am cultivating boro on my three acres of land. It is a bit late to plant the land due to the cold of winter. I planted two and a half acres. I will finish the rest within a week.’

Farmer Aminul Haque of Lakshiganj village of Sadar Upazila said, ‘This time I have planted mostly Ufshi variety of rice in two acres. I have planted zinc rice in 50th century land. I have got fertilizers and seeds from agriculture department. Some winter cold Laiga has difficulty. But not blocked.’

Haor area with Madan, Mohanganj and Khaliajuri upazilas of Netrakona. Disaster strikes when the boro paddy crop ripens in the Haor area. Bringing crops home is in danger. Therefore, the farmers there are more interested in planting early varieties of rice quickly.

Madan upazila Maghan village farmer Jamal Miah said, ‘During the month of Baisakh, there was a storm during paddy harvesting, so I planted paddy quickly. I planted all the land. So that I can quickly bring rice home.’

Sahab Uddin, a farmer of Gazipur village of Khaliajuri upazila, said, ‘Almost every year we have not harvested the crops due to early floods. Then there is no other way except for our desire. This is the time I have planted the early varieties of paddy. This time I have planted paddy in 6 acres of land. I hope that if we can harvest the crops properly, the rice will be good.’

Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Deputy Director of Netrakona Agricultural Extension Directorate, informed about the overall cooperation of the farmers to achieve the target of Boro rice. He said, ‘Government has given fertilizers, seeds and technical assistance to farmers. 330 metric tons of hybrid and Ufshi seed rice and 500 tons of DAP and potash fertilizers have been distributed among 90 thousand farmers in the district. This government support will help to achieve the goal of boro plantation. By this time, 79 percent of the target land has been planted with boro. The target of cultivation in the district will be achieved. By the end, if the weather is favorable, we expect to produce 12 lakh 3 thousand 670 metric tons of boro rice in the district.


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