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Faridpur-3 in discussion through complaints-counter-complaints, assault-cases

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Boats are the only means of crossing the river in Pramatta Padma Bank townships. But the work of a bridge in Faridpur’s Decrechar has been going on for five years. Although some parts are visible, the people of the area do not know when the entire work will be completed. Keeping the vote in front of them, they hope that the future representatives will at least alleviate the suffering of travel.

Most of the nearly 4 lakh voters in Faridpur-3 Constituency live in 12 Unions including 3 Charanchals. It is assumed that these voters will play a role in winning or losing the election. District Awami League president Shamim Haque is fighting for the seat with a boat. And independent candidate AK Azad, a member of the advisory council of the same organization, is his main rival. However, both of them are making headlines due to allegations-counter-allegations, assault-cases. In the meantime, there have been several times of violence between the supporters of both sides.

Independent candidate AK Azad alleged that the administration is not playing a neutral role even though the boat candidate attacked his workers with terrorists and showed intimidation. However, candidate Shamim Haque denied this and said that AK Azad is staging an attack drama to gain the sympathy of the voters.

Independent candidate AK Azad said, ‘There is a bias towards the police administration. Terrorists are threatening my staff with the support of boats. Death threats are also being shown. I am choosing through a terrible situation.’

The new polarization that was established in Faridpur after the 2022 Shuddhi Abhiyan has been challenged in this parliamentary election. AK Azad challenged Shamim Haque as a candidate. Even as activists and supporters of both candidates engage in violence, they continue to hurl accusations at each other.

Awami League candidate Shamim Haque denied all the allegations of the independent candidate and said, ‘No attack happened in Faridpur. Independent candidates say these things. Awami League terror – He (AK Azad) wants to take advantage by saying these things. Besides, nothing happened in Faridpur. What happened his people are doing. There is a case against his people.’

Apart from these two candidates, 6 other parties from Jatiya Party, BNM and other parties are contesting in the seat.


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