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Faridpur-3 Constituency A. AK Azad’s appeal against cancellation of Shamim’s candidature by League

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Awami League’s nominated boat candidate for Faridpur-3 (Sadar) seat of Jatiya Sangsad Shamim Haque is a citizen of Netherlands. Independent candidate AK Azad has applied to the Election Commission to cancel Shamim’s candidature by raising this complaint. His lawyer on behalf of AK Azad today Friday. Golam Kibria filed an appeal.

Golam Kibria told reporters, ‘Awami League’s nominated boat candidate Shamim Haque is a citizen of the Netherlands. Independent candidate AK Azad, despite filing a written complaint along with the data during nomination selection, the Returning Officer declared Shamim Haque’s nomination paper valid without canceling it. An appeal has been filed today against this order of the returning officer.

Lawyer Gholam Kibria said, ‘Shamim Haque’s previous passport number of Netherlands – BESHC8751, date of birth 21 October 1960 is written. Shamim Haque recently submitted an application at the Faridpur passport office to issue his Bangladeshi passport. He has ticked the dual citizenship box in column no.25 of that application. In column 26, if there is a citizen of another country, the name of that country is replaced by the Netherlands. Column 27 mentions his current Netherlands passport number BY60F0J74.’

Presenting a photocopy of his Netherlands passport as evidence to the Returning Officer as an argument for canceling Shamim Haque’s nomination, the lawyer said, “According to Article 66(2) of the Constitution and Article 12(1) (6) of the Representation of the People Order, 1972, Shamim Haque is a Being a foreign citizen, he cannot be a candidate for the post of Member of Parliament. He is an ineligible candidate. Also, as he has concealed this matter in the affidavit given under section (12) (2)(a) of the Representation of the People Order, his declaration shall be treated as a false declaration and therefore his nomination shall be cancelled.’

Article 66 (2) (c) of the Constitution states, “No person shall be eligible to be elected and remain a member of Parliament if he has acquired the citizenship of a foreign State or declared or professed allegiance to a foreign State”. A provision similar to the said Article of the Constitution has been inserted in Article 12(1)(6) of the Representation of the People Order.

Incidentally, the returning officer of Barisal district has canceled the nomination of Awami League nominated candidate of Barisal-4 constituency Shammi Ahmed due to his dual citizenship. But the returning officer of Faridpur gave the opposite order. Aggrieved by his order, an appeal has been filed.


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