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Falling from a height of 16,000 feet intact iPhone!

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A major accident occurred in an American Alaska Airlines plane last Friday night. The door of the plane suddenly opens in the middle of the sky. The flight was 16,000 feet above the ground when the accident occurred. Although the passengers were unharmed, many items fell from the plane due to strong winds. Among these was the iPhone of a passenger.

According to the American media CNN, the phone was found two days after the incident. The iPhone was recovered completely intact! On Monday, a man named Sinathan Bates reported finding the phone on social media. Although he did not give any information about the specific model of the phone. However, it is assumed that it will be iPhone 14 Pro or 15 Pro series phone.

Sinathan Bates wrote, ‘Found the iPhone while walking down the street. The phone is on flight mode and still has more than half charge. Alaska Airlines has a baggage claim online receipt open. Even after falling from a height of 16 thousand feet, the phone is intact. This iPhone is claimed to belong to a passenger on Alaska Airlines Flight Boeing 1282.

Flight S1282 from Portland to Ontario, California crashed shortly after takeoff last Friday. The flight landed safely back at Portland Airport with 171 passengers and six crew on board.

Flightradar24, an aviation monitoring company, reported that the Boeing 737 Max model of Alaska Airlines flew at an altitude of 16,000 feet when a door suddenly opened due to the force of the wind. It later changed direction and returned to Portland Airport.


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