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Fahmida’s new song in Lal Pahar

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The new song came in the voice of singer Fahmida Nabi. He published and preached it anew. The artist went to America a few days ago. He released the new song there. Titled ‘Friends Lost’.

It is known that the lyricist of the song is Anisuzzaman Jewel. Composed by Varna Chakraborty. But Varna Chakraborty left prematurely. The release of the song was also delayed due to his departure. Fahmida Nabi said that the music video of this song was shot. But the song was not released due to Varna Chakraborty’s death. Then recently he shot another music video in America. He released the song in the Red Rocks of Colorado there.

About the song, Fahmida Nabi said, ‘Many were remembering the song when it was released and also during the shooting at Lal Pahar of Red Rocks. During Corona, we were thinking of all those who we have lost including Varna.’

Fahmida also talks about filming the song and other things at Red Rocks. He said, ‘Red Rocks is basically an amphitheater high up on a red hill. Those who first picked up the tune here in 1910 felt how much its echo rattled the hills. I was trying to feel that tone. I could see that scene and that moment.’

Earlier, a song called ‘Smriti Darjaya’ was released under the banner of Rangan Music in the voice of Fahmida Nabi. Its lyricist is Jamal Hossain. Music composed by Pancham.

Incidentally, Fahmida Nabi is currently staying in America. He said that he will stay there for some time. Then return home.


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