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Expelled from Syed Ibrahim Kalyan party?

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Retired Major General Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, chairman of Bangladesh Kalyan Party, has been expelled from the party for leaving the movement and coming to the polls with a one-party demand for the fall of the government. This information was informed in a notification of the party sent to the media on Sunday.

Apart from Syed Ibrahim, the party’s Secretary General Abdul Awal Mamun and Additional Secretary General Abdullah Al Hasan Shakib have also been expelled from the party, the notice said.

It has been said that action has been taken against him as per the constitution of the party because he participated in the election in a coalition called United Front without considering the opinion of most of the members of the executive committee.

The circular claimed that two-thirds of the party’s executive committee voted to fire Syed Ibrahim.

According to the circular, the former chairman of Bangladesh Kalyan Party, Major General (retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, disregarding the opinion of the majority of the Bir Prateek executive committee, 15 out of the 131 members of the executive committee held a secret meeting without office notice and watered down the party ideals against the thoughts of the people of Bangladesh. Major General (retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, two-thirds of the members of the executive committee, as per the decision of several meetings according to Section-20, Sub-Section-E, Paragraph-1 of the constitution of Bangladesh Kalyan Party, for joining the electoral alliance called United Front to legitimize the fascism and illegal elections of Awami League. Bir Prateek was expelled from all posts of Bangladesh Kalyan Party.

According to the notification, the responsibility of acting chairman of the party has been given to vice chairman Shamshuddin Parvez.

It also said that in the first meeting of the executive committee held under the chairmanship of Acting Chairman Shamshuddin Pervez, it was decided to play an active role in the street movement with the 12-party alliance to accelerate the anti-dictatorship movement. The Central Executive Committee of Bangladesh Welfare Party was reconstituted with the members of the dedicated executive committee of the party. Later, by the unanimous decision of the reconstituted executive committee, the party’s former secretary general Abdul Awal Mamun and former additional secretary general Abdullah Al Hasan Shakib were permanently expelled from the party for persuading the former chairman of the party to participate in the 12th National Parliament election by forming a united front for personal greed and self-interest, ignoring the party’s ethics and ideals. is done

The Kalyan Party has long been associated with the ongoing movement on the one-sided demand of the BNP. Kalyan Party also held a separate rally in Vijayanagar area with the same demand on the day of BNP’s general meeting in the capital on October 28.

The party left the field of agitation on November 22 and announced that it would come to the polls by forming the United Front along with Bangladesh Jatiya Party and Baladesh Muslim League (BML).

At that time, Syed Ibrahim told the media, “There is a need for caretaker government. However, the decision to go or not to go to the election is important in the existing situation. The United Front thinks it is necessary to go to the elections.

Syed Muhammad Ibrahim has submitted nomination papers to the Election Commission for election in Cox’s Bazar-1 Chakria Pekua constituency.

Kalyan Party emerged in 2007 during the army-controlled caretaker government. Syed Muhammad Ibrahim made his debut as the founding chairman of the party. Before the formation of the United Front, the Kalyan Party was in the 20-party alliance led by the BNP. Later joined the 12-party alliance led by Jatiya Party (Kazi Zafar).


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