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Expatriates are returning from the Middle East at an ‘alarming’ rate

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Migrant workers are returning home from the Middle East at an alarming rate. Especially the return trend from Saudi Arabia is very high. The Ministry of Expatriate Welfare says that the challenge is with unskilled expatriate workers. So experts are not looking at the option of creating skilled workers. They say that the entire immigration process should be digitized for labor safety.

Bangladeshis are more in crisis in Saudi labor market. In most cases, contracts with workers are not respected in the country. They are suffering from various sufferings including not getting work.

According to the government, about 500,000 workers have gone to Saudi Arabia this year. About half of them have returned. According to migration research firm Ramrur, 14 percent of workers return home every month.

According to the new Saudi law, immigrants are only given a 3-month resident permit or iqama. Also they are not getting work as per visa agreement.

Experts say, like Japan-Korea, the Middle East also needs to create a market for skilled workers. The National Skill Development Authority should develop a common syllabus for all.

Full time member of the National Human Rights Commission. Salim Reza said, ‘A comprehensive A to Z type system should be created based on information technology. On our part, there needs to be a massive reform in the recruitment process. And we have to discuss with those who are issuing visas abroad. Let us know about the visa issue.’

According to the Secretary of the Expatriate Ministry, the decision not to send unskilled workers at this moment will be challenging. So there is no option to increase the skills of employees.

Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Ministry Senior Secretary Dr. Ahmed Muniruch Saleheen said, ‘Our needs so far are somewhat unskilled and semi-skilled dependent. Now if we decide that from tomorrow we will not send any unskilled workers, I think that is a big decision. I will not take this decision at the moment.’

National Skill Development Authority is developing Skilled Worker Database. Accordingly the unskilled will be brought under training.


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