Home News Expatriate Bangladeshis celebrate New Year in Finland despite the cold and snow

Expatriate Bangladeshis celebrate New Year in Finland despite the cold and snow

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A new year, new possibilities. Braving minus 16 degree temperatures and snow, Bangladeshis living in Finland welcomed the Christian New Year with banging drums, firecrackers and cheers, greeting each other “Huva Utta Bhuatta” (Happy New Year in Finnish).

Our beloved motherland Bangladesh is glorified by the blood bath of lakhs of martyrs. A brave Bengali never accepts defeat. Besides, Bengalis also know how to enjoy. And so on the day of the Christian New Year, all the Bangladeshi expatriates in Finland celebrated this New Year’s day together in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. At 12 o’clock at night, the square of Helsinki became full of festivities.

Expatriates welcomed the New Year with fireworks and cheers at Kauppatri Roundabout in the capital downtown. Regardless of caste and religion, everyone was happy.

Dabir Hossain, who was living in Helsinki at that time, said, ‘New Year is the universal festival of Bengalis and in this festival, Bengalis are showing their long-standing culture. And this is Bengali identity.’

Expatriate Rakibul Islam Rubel said, ‘We are celebrating the New Year in the rural socio-economic cultural sphere of our Bangladesh.’

Sabbir Ahmed Lashkar, who lives in Helsinki, urged everyone to develop self-respect in the new year by removing the gloom and impurity of the old year.

Referring to the foreign diversity in celebrating the first day of the Christian year, Bangladeshi expatriate Imu Khan said, ‘New thoughts will begin with the new sunrise at nightfall. And to remember this idea, friends have gathered together.’

On the occasion of the 31st, different areas including Helsinki’s roundabout started gathering from Wednesday evening. The restaurants were also crowded with various food arrangements.

On the occasion of the New Year, there was a tea party organized in a restaurant in Helsinki on thirty-first night, Kamrul Hasan Johnny, Md. Enamul Haque Shipu, Zulfikar Ashraf Sagar, Mohiuddin Ahmed Manik, Zahirul Islam Nazrul, Md. Jahangir Alam, Anisur Rahman Chhota, Md. Abdur Rashid, Gazi Samsul Alam, Alauddin Mohammad, Shamim Bepari, Tanveer Rashid and Zaman Sarkar.

Expatriate Bangladeshis in Finland welcome the Christian New Year by calling each other 'Huva Utta Bhuyatta' with drums, fireworks and cheers.

The Bangladeshi expatriates present at this tea circle said, ‘We are full of hope that the new year will bring us all endless happiness, peace and joy. Golden days will return to our world again.’

They all hope that 2024 will bring prosperity for everyone. They congratulated all the Bangladeshi families living in Finland.


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