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Exceptional Victory Day celebrations in Sherpur with beggars dressed in Kalapata

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An exceptional program has been conducted on the Great Victory Day in the bordering Garo hilly area of ​​Sherpur district. This celebration is done by wrapping the whole body in banana leaves to cherish the memories of the war.

Local residents said that Bangladesh’s freedom-seeking people and freedom fighters took positions across the border during the Great War of Liberation. At this time, Pakistani forces and their allies took positions in different places of Garo Hills. The assassins dug bunkers and prepared to kill the freedom fighters. Besides, they patrolled. In this situation, the freedom fighters and the people of the area used to take information in various forms and reach the camp of the freedom fighters on the other side.

Many of them used to beg in beggar clothes wrapped in banana leaves and informed the freedom fighters by identifying the location of Pakistani army and Razakars. At the same time, he used to gather food. Confirmed by these news, the brave freedom fighters came to guerilla war and killed many Pakistani soldiers and Biharis and freed this area.

Ever since the independence of the country, in Shaitan Bazar, Bablakona, Hariya Kona areas of Singavarna Union of Sreevardi Upazila of Sherpur, on the day of the Great Victory, they have been begging from house to house to wrap it in kala leaves and cook and eat it.

This year also such an arrangement was made in that area. The Central Vice Chairman of the Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Sangsad Command said that such arrangements will continue. Aminul Islam GM.

Salma Begum, a housewife in the area, said, ‘During the liberation war, many people used to beg in crazy costumes and reached the liberation camp with news. So on December 16, mad Saiza begged. We want, we give it.’

A young man named Kanchan Marak said, ‘During the liberation war, he used to come to beg wrapped in coconut leaves, and used to give news to the freedom fighters. And rice was eaten with pulses. Later freedom fighters killed a Bihari near our house. He also killed other Biharis. Since then, it has been organized on Victory Day.’

Brave freedom fighter Golam Mostafa said, ‘We used to collect information in various ways during the liberation war. I used to dress up as a farmer, I used to dress up as a beggar, I used to dress up as a madman. I used to attack with information. There were forests in the Garo hills, there were many ricks here.’


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