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Exceptional fan-team promotion for Mashrafe

by Afonso
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Member of Parliament and former captain of the national cricket team Mashrafe Bin Mortaza is campaigning in his constituency Narail-2. Can friends and well-wishers sit at home when the beloved person is in the election field? Teammates national cricket team players, sports commentators, football personalities – exceptional digital campaigning by boat or by someone on foot. This is a unique example of love.

People from different classes and professions have rushed to Mashrafe’s election campaign, moved by the pull of love from different parts of the country. They are campaigning from morning to night for their loved ones. Being able to do something for a loved one is a source of pride and joy for them.

They are convinced that Mashrafe will be crowned in the election field. Hundreds of Mashrafe devotees-well-wishers of about 10 districts are continuing election campaign like this.

Exceptionally, EasyBike has transformed the car into a boat, equipped with a television and microphone, and launched a digital campaign. He came from Jhenaidah in love with Mashrafe to campaign for his beloved Mashrafe. Stay two days in Naail, asking voters to vote for their beloved Mashrafe.

Boat campaigner Ashraful Islam said, ‘My boat is a digital campaign with television for Mashrafe. I will preach for two days, for that purpose I have come to Narail from Jhenaidah. I started campaigning in Mashrafe’s own union Maizpara yesterday.’

Football man Masood Rana has written his name in the Guinness Book of Records with football in mind. He came from Dhaka and continues to campaign for his beloved Mashrafe by dancing and singing with football on his head.

Football man Masood Rana said, ‘Mashrafi Bhai has raised the standard of the red-green flag in sports arenas all over the world. I want such a sportsman to come to our parliament again.’

National level sports commentator Kumar Kalyan has also come to promote Mashrafe. He said, ‘All of us who are involved in sports have rushed. We want Mashrafe to win with huge votes and continue the trend of development of the Prime Minister. Narail will be the best residence of the generation. We are asking people to vote for Mashrafe, for Bangabandhu’s boat.’

Teammate of the national cricket team former player Syed Russell rushed to promote Mashrafe. Running with Mashrafe. In this regard, Syed Russell said, ‘I have come to the election campaign of MP Sahib Mashrafe bin Murtaza. We come from a sense of responsibility. We were teammates, playing together. We have a very good understanding. we are good friends Be by his side at this time. We will vote with pleasure.’

Fans, friends, well-wishers from various districts including Jessore, Satkhira came to Narail out of love for Mashrafe. They are continuing their campaign.

All in all, Mashrafe bin Mortaza is soaked in a different kind of love from fans. It is the expectation of devoted Mashrafe fans, friends, well-wishers that their favorite person will wear the garland of victory in the voting field.


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