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Everything you can do to avoid sinus problems in winter

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Many suffer from sinus problems in winter. Especially those who have cold problems, they suffer more from this problem. Excess of pollution, sudden drop in temperature can cause sinus problems. Different types of bacteria enter the sinuses with breathing and cause infection. A sinus is a hollow part of the head that helps air flow through the nose. If these sinuses become infected for any reason, the air flow becomes difficult. It can sometimes cause severe headache and shortness of breath.

cause of disease
1. Viral or bacterial infection
2. Cold cause
3. Dental infection
4. Long-term asthma problems
5. Dust or allergies
6. Curved nasal bones
7. If the tonsils of the mouth are enlarged
8. Malnutrition, environmental pollution and cold damp environment

What could be the reason?
1. headache
2. fever
3. closed nose
4. cough
5. Broken neck

Bacterial infections can cause serious complications from the sinuses to the eyes and brain. Infections in the brain can cause headaches and blindness, and even death. Eye infections can lead to many complications, including periorbital and orbital cellulitis.

to be done
1. Keeping the house clean.
2. Must rest. You should sleep well.
3. Mask must be worn when going outside.
4. It is advisable to stay away from perfumes.
5. Avoid smoking.
6. Keep distance from sick people.
7. Refrigerated cold foods and drinks should be avoided.
8. If there is an air conditioner in the house, it should also be cleaned well.
9. Avoid fumes. Cigarette smoke is very harmful to health.
10. Hot water steam can be taken to relieve sinus discomfort.

Author: Resident Physician, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University


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