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Everyone voted for Messi wrongly, said Ronaldo’s coach

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Lionel Messi has been criticized ever since he won the FIFA Footballer of the Year. Earling Holland was slightly ahead of everyone in the race for FIFA’s best player of the year due to winning the treble last season. But fate did not leave the Norwegian goal machine. Argentina legend Lionel Messi has won the ‘FIFA The Best’ award for the second time in a row, beating the 23-year-old Holland.

The Manchester City striker had to give up to FIFA rules despite getting 48 points equal to Messi in the votes of the national team’s coach, captain, selected journalists and supporters. According to Article 12 of the FIFA Rules, Messi was named the FIFA Player of the Year for a record eighth time as he was the first choice in the captains’ vote.

However, many people have raised questions about this achievement of Messi. This time, the coach of the Portuguese national team, coach Roberto Martinez, said that Messi got the award because everyone voted for him by mistake!

He said, ‘It (Messi vote) was done wrong. Nowadays we have to vote for many awards, there are many types of elections. FIFA players, best footballers are all throughout the season. This is the first winter World Cup and the voting process was strange, because it was only for the last six months.’
Ronaldo’s coach said that it is very difficult to get individual awards in football. He said, ‘In my opinion, personal achievement in football is very difficult. I think what a player achieves in his team is what makes him stand out.’

Martinez thinks that there is a problem with the calculation of the voting time, ‘it is a mistake as the time performance is taken into account. I think I’m not the only one who made this mistake. Because if you look at all the polls, there’s a tendency to take into account what happened in the World Cup


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