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Everyone is standing in line to drink coffee with the money of a millionaire friend

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Played only two T20 Internationals. There is no great success in those two matches. He got only 2 wickets at 8.26 runs per over. Gujarat Titans have spent 10 crore rupees to get Spencer Johnson who is next to such a statistical name.

His teammates are happy with such success. But Spencer, who became an overnight millionaire, does not stop making fun.

With a base price of just Rs 50 lakh, Johnson’s price has not automatically increased 20 times. The franchise definitely saw something special in him. Johnson never doubted his talent. However, as he was injured several times at the beginning of his career, he himself was in doubt whether his body would be helpful in fast bowling.

Gujarat spent 10 crore rupees to get him, Johnson couldn’t believe the news, ‘I never thought anything like this would happen… I didn’t expect anything.’

Compared to the Australian cricketers, Johnson’s emergence was quite late. He started playing in List ‘A’ in 2017 but got his first professional contract last year. 2022 to step into the Big Bash. But Johnson did not make his debut in the last Big Bash due to injury.

Debut in 28 years this year. This time he played the entire tournament. “I know I have potential,” says Johnson, who has had to fight with himself to recover from injury. (But) there was doubt as to whether I would fully recover myself.’

“I’ve always had that belief (in my ability),” said Johnson, who has been plagued by multiple injuries. But it (to perform at the highest level) was very much dependent on my body.’

After his debut in the Big Bash in January 2023, the Australian pacer did not have to get injured again. At this time, Johnson made his debut in Australia’s jersey in T20 and ODI.

Johnson had earlier said that being part of the IPL auction would be enough for him. But in the auction, his price went up to 10 crores. But as the auction time progressed, the Australian pacer was losing hope in himself, ‘As it (the auction) progressed, my chances were diminishing.’

Johnson finally got a place in Gujarat Titans. That too for an eye-watering 10 crore rupees. The Australian pacer expressed his excitement about this, ‘Excited to be a part of Gujarat. They have played two (IPL) finals so far. Got some great players and coaching staff.’

Michael Nesser played in the same team for Brisbane Heat with Johnson. Happy with his teammate’s achievement, Nesser did not forget to joke, ‘His pocket is hot now. All the boys are standing in line to drink coffee with his money.’

Not only joking, Nesser also talked about Johnson’s ability, saying, ‘Everyone knew how talented he was. A series of injuries set him back. Finally getting closer to his dream.’


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