Home News Every third Russian has doubts. They don’t believe Putin’s results, the poll showed

Every third Russian has doubts. They don’t believe Putin’s results, the poll showed

Every third Russian has doubts.  They don’t believe Putin’s results, the poll showed

About a third of Russians have doubts about the fairness of the presidential election, in which Vladimir Putin, according to the authorities, won 87 percent of the vote.

According to The Moscow Times, the result is “fantasmagoric”. The information was written by the portal with reference to a survey by the state sociological agency VCIOM.

The biggest mistrust in the last 20 years

65 percent of Russians consider the results of the elections to be “trustworthy” and “corresponding to the will of the voters,” according to a survey by the VCIOM agency. It took place on Monday, the day after the three-day vote.

VIDEO: The camera caught voting fraud in Russia.

Almost a fifth of respondents – 18 percent – believe that there were frauds, but they did not have a significant impact on the overall result, and 12 percent do not believe the official results at all.

According to The Moscow Times, this represents the second highest figure in the last 20 years. More people did not trust the data of the Central Election Commission only in 2012, when Putin was re-elected as the head of the Kremlin for a third term after a four-year break at the head of the government.


Fewest people doubted in 2018, when Putin was running for a fourth term.

At the time, he promised that during the next six years – the term of office of the head of state has been extended in the meantime – he would be able to complete the technological breakthrough, lift the Russians out of poverty and end the extinction of the nation. At that time, only seven percent of respondents did not trust the election results.

Suspicions of falsified votes

Currently, 54 percent of Russians “completely trust” the claims of the Central Election Commission about the results of the presidential elections. Others either have some doubts (18 percent “rather trust”) or don’t trust them (seven percent don’t trust them at all and another six percent don’t trust them). Another 14 percent of respondents in the VCIOM survey declared that they did not know the election results.

Putin, who has ruled Russia for a quarter of a century, won an unprecedented 76 million votes in countries with around 104 million eligible voters, according to the Central Election Commission, the server recalled.

At the same time, he pointed to the suspicion that millions of falsified and falsified votes contributed to the record result. Despite the fact that Putin came closer to the African and Central Asian dictators with these results, according to the sources of the Meduza server, the Kremlin believes that the results are not overkill.


Putin has already ruled Russia for the longest time since the era of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, and in his fifth term he may become the longest-reigning head of state since the time of Empress Catherine II. The great and oldest ruler for a thousand years.

At the end of his term in 2030, he will be 78 years old, more than Leonid Brezhnev and Konstantin Chernenko, who died at the ages of 75 and 73, respectively.

And if he lives to the age of 84 at the end of a possible sixth term, he will surpass even Fidel Castro, who ruled until he was 81, noted The Moscow Times.

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