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Even though the sun is shining, it is not getting cold now

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The sun was seen in several parts of the country including the capital, the temperature increased slightly. However, the Department of Meteorology says that the influence of winter is not reducing now. The temperature has slightly increased in the northern districts as well. The lowest temperature of the country was recorded in Barisal on Monday at 9 degrees Celsius. The Met Office said another mild cold wave is likely to arrive after January 20.

The capital, which has been shrouded in thick fog for days, finally saw the sun. But again and again the sun is covered behind the clouds. Despite this, the severity of winter has decreased slightly in Dhaka due to mild sunshine.

Residents of the central districts of the country also saw the sun. However, many northern districts are covered in thick fog. Barisal recorded the lowest temperature in the country on Monday. The temperature has risen in the capital as well.

Dinajpur has not seen the sun for six consecutive days. Due to this, the public life of Dinajpur has been crushed in continuous winter, diseases have appeared. Parvez Sohail Rana, resident doctor of Dinajpur General Hospital said, “Due to severe winter in Dinajpur, the admission of children and elderly patients due to winter diseases has increased. These patients are advised to be safe. Proper measures are being taken in the case of admitted patients.’

Panchagarh saw sunshine after a few days on Sunday afternoon, but before the heat spread, the area was again covered in fog. The Tetulia Meteorological Office recorded a temperature of 10.3 degrees at 9 am on Monday. The day temperature was 18.1 degrees. However, the sufferings of the poor, uprooted and hungry people have increased in the bone-shaking winter in the cold north wind.

Even though the severity of winter has increased in Barisal for two consecutive days, the sun has suddenly appeared since Monday morning. But the temperature has dropped. The minimum temperature of Barisal was 10.5 degrees Celsius yesterday, but the minimum temperature was recorded on Monday at 9 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, the country’s weather forecast from 6 pm today, Monday, said that the weather may remain dry across the country with temporary partly cloudy skies. Moderate to dense fog is likely to fall over the country from night to morning and it may continue till afternoon at some places. Air traffic, inland waterways and road transport may be temporarily disrupted due to fog.

It also said that mild cold flow is flowing over Madaripur, Gopalganj, Dinajpur, Barisal and Bhola districts and it may subside at some places. Night temperatures may increase slightly and day temperatures may remain almost unchanged across the country. Cold conditions may prevail during the day in many parts of the country. The relative humidity of the air in Dhaka at 6 pm today was 78 percent.

Meteorologist Muhammad Abul Kalam Mallick said about the overall weather situation, ‘The temperature may increase slightly till Wednesday. However, the feeling of winter will not decrease due to the cold wind and fog. The severity of winter may increase again with light rain on Thursday and Friday.

However, the Meteorological Department does not see the danger of moderate or severe cold current.


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