Home News Even if there are hundreds of voters, no one goes to ask for votes in the area

Even if there are hundreds of voters, no one goes to ask for votes in the area

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Seven candidates contested in Jamalpur-5 seat in this year’s 12th National Parliament Election. Among them, Awami League, Jatiya Party and an independent candidate are running day and night in markets and cities. Going door to door to voters, promising development, begging for valuable votes. Black and white banners and posters covered the important places of this seat. An area of ​​Raniganj in Jamalpur city is the only exception. In the eyes of the society and ten people, they remain indifferent even in a nationally important event like elections.

On Monday afternoon, it was seen on the ground at Raniganj’s Singampalli, but no such poster has been put up there despite the location of Raniganj Singampalli at the zero point of the district. There is no election campaign center. None of the candidates or their supporters went to seek votes. Although there is a festive atmosphere in the entire constituency, the active leaders and activists of the polling field are keeping the touch of that area.

There are 135 registered sex workers in Raniganj sex village which is almost 250 years old. There are hundreds of voters among them.

A sex worker said, ‘I have been in this place since seven days of independence. This is where MP elections go. None of us inquires. No one even comes to ask us during elections. They don’t even come to us to ask for votes. MP candidates hate us. This will be the new MP. is choosing No one has come to us so far.’

Another sex worker, who did not wish to be named, said, “Be it the MP election or any election in Jamalpur Sadar, Jamalpur is filled with posters. But we don’t put up any posters in this place. We do not do any work at this place. No centers are given. We are voters of Bangladesh. But neglects us. We have no value.’

Such a picture is in almost every election. And because of this discrimination, sex workers feel worthless. Although they are a little angry, they hope to go to vote on the polling day.

Another sex worker said, ‘They hate us. don’t like us They do not come for this. Otherwise they would have come. used to ask A center gave. Insults us. Even then, we will give the vote.’

Conscious people of the district feel that the candidates need to go to Raniganj Vishnakalli like all other areas to campaign during the election. It can change a lot.

Advocate Md. Joint General Secretary of Jamalpur Lawyers Association. Yusuf Ali told the Independent, ‘We have been noticing for ages that the candidates do not go to sex places when the national elections come. They make no promises. There is no mention of changing their fate. The work is not done. As they are also voters of Jamalpur, our voters, citizens of this country, (therefore) they should go to them. They should play a role in changing their destiny.’

Jahangir Salim, President of Jamalpur Human Rights Defender said, ‘Unfortunate reality. Sex workers are disadvantaged, disadvantaged. As sex workers, they are given many bad names. Candidates never come this way. Votes come, votes go. Candidates should come here for the rights of sex workers. Politicians can play an important role in bringing sex workers into the mainstream of development.’


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